Day 1, Thursday, September 1


12.00–12.50 Satellite session organized by GSK

Treatment efficacy or quality of life? Criteria for choice the first-line optimal therapy in advanced renal cell carcinoma

Chairman: Piotr Wysocki

12.00–12.15 Efficacy — Piotr Wysocki

12.15–12.30 Quality of life — Jakub Żołnierek

12.30–12.45 Efficacy of treatment  and  quality of life in clinical practice — Piotr Tomczak

12.45–12.50 Discussion


13.00–13.15 Congress Opening


13.15–14.40 Session I. Session of European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC). The role of EORTC in the worldwide oncology development —achievements and challenges

Chairmen: Jacek Jassem, Maciej Krzakowski

13.15–13.55 Clinical trials conducted by EORTC — recent achievements and future plans — Françoise Meunier

13.55–14.35 Translational research under auspices of EORTC — promising challenge — Nadia Harbeck

14.35–14.40 Discussion


14.40–15.10 Lunch


15.10–16.00 Satellite session organized by GSK

Assessment of quality of life inbreast cancer patients

Chairman: Maria Litwiniuk

15.10–15.30 Methodology of quality of life assessment — estimation or dimenssion? — Dariusz Kowalski

15.30–15.50 Impact of therapy with lapatynib on the quality of life in breast cancer patients — Piotr Potemski

15.50–16.00 Discussion


16.00–16.15 Break


16.15–17.45 Session II. Management of elderly patients

Chairmen:Krzysztof Krzemieniecki, Aleksandra Łacko

16.15–16.35 Specificity of treatment of elderly cancer patients — Aleksandra Łacko

16.35–16.50 Lung cancer — Dariusz Kowalski

16.50–17.05 Breast cancer — Iwona Głogowska

17.05–17.20 Colorectal cancer — Krzysztof Krzemieniecki

17.20–17.35 Cancers of the lymphatic system — Tomasz Wróbel

17.35–17.45 Discussion


17.45–18.00 Coffee break


18.00–18.50 Satellite session organized by MSD

Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting — the optimal prevention in patients

Chairman: Maciej Krzakowski

18.00–18.20 Definition, pathology and risk factors of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting — Piotr Wysocki

18.20–18.40 Management of nausea and vomiting — is the topic dull? — Renata Zaucha


19.00 PTOK General Assembly


20.00 Dinner for Congress Patricipants



Day 2, Friday, September 2


8.00–9.00 Satellite session organized by Sanofi-Aventis

Advanced prostate cancer —new hopes, new challenges

Chairmen: Stephane Oudard, Elżbieta Senkus-Konefka, Iwona Skoneczna, Rafał Suwiński, Zbigniew Kwias


9.00–10.15 Session III. Advances in treatment of cancers of the lymphatic system

Chairmen: Jan Walewski, Maria Podolak-Dawidziak

9.00–9.15 Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Tadeusz Robak

9.15–9.30 Plasmocytoma — Krzysztof Giannopoulos

9.30–9.45 Aggressive B-cell lymphoma — Sebastian Giebel

9.45–10.00 Hodgkin lymphomaJan Walewski

10.00–10.15 Ethical aspects of lymphoma treatment — Kazimierz Sułek


10.15–10.30 Coffee break


10.30–11.20 Satellite session organized by Merck

Erbitux in the first line treatment of malignant neoplasms

Chairman: Maciej Krzakowski

10.30–10.50 Personalized treatment — a new standard for prolonging overall survival in mCRC — Eric Van Cutsem

10.50–11.10 Using Erbitux to increase resection rate in 1st line mCRC — Claus Henning-Koehne

11.10–11.20 Discussion


11.20–11.35 Break


11.35–13.05 Session IV. Advances in soft tissue cancer treatment

Chairmen:Piotr Rutkowski, Piotr Wysocki

11.35–12.05 Malignant melanoma — Andrzej Mackiewicz

12.05–13.00 Soft tissue sarcoma

12.05–12.35 Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) — Piotr Rutkowski

12.35–13.00 Other sarcoma — Tomasz Świtaj

13.00–13.05 Discussion


13.05–13.35 Lunch


13.35–14.25 Satellite session organized by Amgen. Treat optimally — reach quarry

Chairman: Krzysztof Krzemieniecki

13.35–13.50 Infection — the first murderer in oncology —Krysztof Krzemieniecki

13.50–14.15 Optimal management of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) usage — to avoid febrile neutropenia (FN) and other chemotherapy complications — Sybille Loibl

14.15–14.25 Discussion


14.25–14.40 Break


14.30–16.30 Session V. Multidisciplinary management of locally advanced brest cancer

Chairmen: Jacek Jassem, Maciej Krzakowski

14.40–15.05 Diagnostic imaging — Elżbieta Łuczyńska

15.05–15.30 Pathology — Wojciech Olszewski

15.30–15.50 Chemotherapy/hormonotherapy — Renata Duchnowska

15.50–16.10 Surgery — Sylwia Grodecka-Gazdecka

16.10–16.30 Radiotherapy — Elżbieta Senkus-Konefka

16.30–16.40 Discussion


16.40–16.55 Coffee break


16.45–17.35 Satellite session organized by Novartis

Present-day therapies for neuroendocrine carcinoma

Chairman: Zbigniew Nowecki

16.55–17.00 The chairman speech —Zbigniew Nowecki

17.00–17.20 Clinical image and treatment of GEP/NET — own experience — Bogumiła Czartoryska-Arłukowicz

17.20–17.40 Particular approach to rare diseases therapy reimbursement — Krzysztof Łanda

17.40–17.45 Recap


17.45–18.00 Break


17.45–19.05 Session VI. Bone metastases

Chairmen: Maria Litwiniuk, Piotr Milecki

18.00–18.20 Pharmacotherapy capability — Piotr Wysocki

18.20–18.40 Radiotherapy capability — Piotr Milecki

18.40–19.00 Surgery of bone metastases — Jerzy Nazar

19.00–19.10 Nephrological complications — prophylaxis and therapy — Maciej Bączyk

19.10–19.20 Dental complications — prophylaxis and therapy — Maria Litwiniuk

19.20–19.25 Discussion


20.00 Dinner for Congress Participants

Brovaria, Stary Rynek 73–74



Day 3, Saturday, September 3


9.00–10.15 Sesja VI. Therapeutic management in advanced head and neck cancers

Chairmen: Sergiusz Nawrocki, Andrzej Kawecki

9.00–9.15 New techniques in  radiotherapy — Dorota Kiprian, Milena Niemiec

9.15–9.30 Combined therapy of locally advanced cancers — Sergiusz Nawrocki

9.30–9.45 Management of reccurent and disseminated head and neck cancers — Andrzej Kawecki

9.45–10.00 Human papilloma virus (HPV) infection — clinical implications — Monika Rucińska

10.00–10.15 Adjuvant therapy — Beata Jagielska

10.15–10.30 Coffee break


10.30–11.20 Satellite session organized by BMS

New perspectives in the treatment of melanoma

Chairman: Piotr Wysocki

10.30–10.35 Session opening — Piotr Wysocki

10.35–10.50 New strategies in molecular treatment of advanced melanoma — Marek Wojtukiewicz

10.50–11.15 Immunotherapy and perspectives in treatment of advanced skin melanoma — Piotr Rutkowski

11.15–11.20 Questions and answers session, Session closing — Piotr Wysocki

11.20–11.30 Break


11.30–12.15 Satellite session organized by Bayer

Clinical experience and new perspectives in anticancer treatment

Chairman: Maciej Krzakowski

11.30–11.45 Patient with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in Poland and trials with Nexavar in clinical practice — LIVER i GIDEON bases — Krzysztof Krzemieniecki

11.45–12.00 Necessity of individualisation of treatment in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma. Nexavar —  from tests to everyday clinical practice — Jakub Żołnierek

12.00–12.10 New molecule alpharadin and bone metasteses in patients with prostate cancer — Paweł Pęciło

12.10–12.15 Discussion


12.15–12.30 Break


12.30–13.45 Sesssion VIII. The most important events since the PTOK Congress 2010

Chairmen: Piotr Potemski, Piotr Wysocki

12.30–12.45 Urinary system cancers — Piotr Potemski

12.45–13.00 Lung cancer — Maciej Krzakowski

13.00–13.15 Breast cancer — Piotr Wysocki

13.15–13.30 Colorectal cancer — Marek Wojtukiewicz

13.30–13.45 Others — Lucjan Wyrwicz


13.45 Congress Closing, lunch